About Qingte Group

We are a professional supplier of HOWO trucks!

Qingte Group Special Vehicle Co. is an import and export company, in cooperation with the Chinese sinotruk conversion base, which integrates the development, production and sales of various special vehicles, known as the predecessor of Jinan Special Vehicles. We specialise in supplying new and customised trucks to customers worldwide.


As a professional truck supplier in China, we mainly provide new HOWO vehicle supply with 11 types in total. We have exported to more than 60 countries around the world, and we have gotten good reputation! If you have any additional requirements, please let us know!

Customized trucks

Qingte Group Special Vehicles offers a complete truck customization service. You can request any type of customization, from axles to colors and more options.From construction to mining to logistics and transportation, QINGT has the perfect solution for your transportation needs, whatever they may be. If you have unique requirements for your truck, we can custom design it just for you. We offer industry-leading customer support for all of our trucks, even beyond your warranty coverage.


24Hour Callout CALL NOW: 86-15194169903 HOWO TRUCK HOWO is a series of China National Heavy Duty Truck...
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